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With know how and technology obtained from experiences in the past, the carrier tape business division sets on producing perfect paper carrier tapes.
We specialize in making paper carrier tapes that can package various chip resistants and chip condensers. We promise to satisfy clients with our hand crafted specialized equipments and skills gained from experiences in the past. We will also experiment non stop to bring you the best quality, which is crucial for customer satisfaction.
The paper carrier tape factory is certified by the ISO 9001:2000. We also keep our manufacturing equipments in their best state for high performance.
With a state of the art manufacturing facility and great product designs, we produce our products with low cost.
We not only aid in application engineering but also quality management service. We also provide service to aid in the customer’s competition.
Quality Policy
The carrier tape division plans and manufactures various carrier tapes for SMD chip manufacturers and users around the world. Our goal lies in providing our customers with the highest value, using our products and service. We are doing are best to provide the best quality and high quality products with continuous research.