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Our main goal is to develop new technologies and equipment fit for the limitlessly competing 21st century. With skilled personnels and high tech research equipment,we focus on researching precision molding, developing precision automated parts, and making paper carrier tapes. We are also trying to improve customer satisfaction and quality of products while putting into consideration the customers' perspection, and reseacrhing endlessly to be a global company.
Laboratory task
  Development of precision molding process
  Development of high value molding
  Development of automated equipment
  Development of paper carrier tape high speed puncher
  Development of Paper carrier tape use traverse equipment
Laboratory composition
  Technology development team : development of Production technology
  Machine Designs Team : Development of automated equipment
Possessed technology
  Precision mold processing technology
  Mold jig production technology
  Mold heat treatment technology
  Precision automated part processing technology
  Design of automation equipment and manufacture technology
  Paper carrier tape manufacturing technology
Possessed patents
  2 Carrier tape production mold equipment patents
  Manufacturing of the Carrier tape patent
  packaging cord and its production method patent
  Way to remove naps fro the Carrier tape
Carrier tape manufacturing
mold equipment
  Carrier tape manufacturing
mold equipment
  Carrier tape
production method
Packaging wire and its
production method
  Carrier tape burr removal