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2007 (year)


2007. 11. 15
  Inno-biz company certificate acquired
2007. 08. 24
  Sunwoo ID relocation
SunwooID Inno-biz company certificate acquired
  2007. 11. 15

In order to be known as a potentially growing company, we acquired the Inno-biz company certificate. It means innovation and business put together. Also instead of the present technology, we have a specialty of having a futuristic growth potential.

We will work harder and make the company more potent. Thank you.

  2007. 8. 24

For 3 months we built a experimental organization building and finished on August. As a result we relocated to Daejeon Yuseong-gu Tapnip-dong 926. We expect a more deeper experimental development.

We will always try hard to show our best.