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Due to the development in the information communication field and of electronic products, the frivolous minimization of electronic products are being progressed at great speed, and as the demand for automation increases, the required performance level and demand for the automatic surface packaging materials is increasing.
These automatic surface packaging materials for an electronic device is divided into plastic and paper, according to the quality of the material, and it consists of the carrier tape which has on the chip of the device, and also if needed, a bottom tape which blocks the lower part of the pocket, and a top tape via cover tape which, after placing on the chip, blocks the top part. Also, it is made up of a reel or roll, that rolls up the product that is wrapped up with a carrier tape to the desired length according to the customers' liking.
Quadrangle Burr removal process
image of the quadrangle burr removal
  Before Burr Removal   After the Burr Removal Process
[quadrangle Hall]
Stencil paper specifications
  stencil paper : Products manufactured by Hansol Paper, Daio Paper
  Being used from Samsung Electronics
  Maintaining the same peel force even in humid atmosphere All Pulp, RoHS certified
  All Pulp, RoHS certification
Peel force Test (Japan Nitto's top Tape)
Before temperature & humidity resistant (General environment)
After temperature & humidity resistant (Harsh environment)
Acceleration and Automation Equipment Construct
  Carrier Tape Yield Rate(Per Machine)? : 72m/minx2, Hourly 5000m 2roll output
    Paper Carrier Tape production equipment
  Slitter and Rewinder equipment for Paper Carrier Tape
  High speed punching machine for Paper Carrier Tape
  Paper Carrier Tape Burr removal equipment
  Press-type Paper Carrier Tape production equipment
Measurement Equipment
  Vision Measuring Instrument : 1machine (America Microview)
  Projector: 1machine
  Block Gauge: 2 set *England Select Comany)
  Height Gauge: 1Set (Swiss Tesa)
  Paper Carrier Tape Pill Force Test gear: 1
  Water Temperature measuring machine
  Precision scale
Type: (unit:mm)
quality width thickness wrapform
All pulp, Recycled paper 8mm, 12mm 0.3, 0.43, 0.60, 0.75, 0.95, 1.1
8mm/12mm x Traverse
general standard(unit:mm)


E F DO PO P1 P2 10PO


1.75 3.50 1.55 4.00 4.00 or 2.00 2.0 40.00
limit กพ0.05 กพ0.05 กพ0.05 กพ0.05
กพ0.05 กพ0.01