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quaility management policy
SunwooID's policy focuses on meeting the customor's needs and providing services and products that are made in a reasonable and standardized quality management system.
  Structuring and settling down of efficient and practicable quality
    management system
  Operation management with a thorough operation management system
  Prevention of problems recurring by analyzing the errors and make plan
    on the inappropriate matters
  Maintaining a synergetic and efficient partnership between workers
    with a positive mind
  Recruiting talents with adequate amount of duty education
In order to achieve the goals and policies above, the company must document a verified and efficient quality management system, while making this aware and be carried out from the entire staff.

Part warranty
The parts are checked from when they are stored with regulated ways and standards, and with the administration of cooperating businesses, we achieve stablized quality management of our major parts. We also heighten the inspectors' abilities through various education programs.
Product warranty
We achieve customer satisfaction with sufficient tests and management of datas of products. We also carry out assessments on our products to secure trust amongst our clients.
Quality warranty
We carry out systematic quality managing with the introduction of the ISO9001 quality management system, and we check the safety of our products through various safety standard inspections.
Environmental management
As the environment is being valued as important around the globe today, we have implemented a environment management system in the ISO14001 to reduce the effects that our products will have on nature. We want to be a company that thinks about the well being of nature.